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Over the last decade we've operated under the name of Whipped Cakes and we were lucky enough to help out some pretty sweet couples with celebrating the biggest day of their lives.  Wedding cakes were a huge part of our business but our family is young and after much deliberation we decided to shift the trajectory of the business and get back to the core of what we love, classic baked goods and desserts. As of January 1, 2020 we no longer offer wedding cakes.  We will really miss celebrating all of that love but we have some really BIG plans for the future of this business and we can't wait to share it all with you!  So stay tuned!


Hi, I'm Tracy Love and I am so glad you've decided to pop by to check us out!  I'm a self-taught baker and creator that adores the small details and just about anything sweet! I'm also a wife and a mom to two. My guilty pleasure is a cup of coffee paired anything sweet.  I'd eat dessert for every meal if my waistline found it acceptable! Growing up in an Italian family meant life revolved around food and the kitchen.  So it was only natural that my love of baking began at a young age.  As a kid I can remember being so excited weeks before the holidays when my mom would break out the cookie press to make Christmas cookies.  That meant I got to help add sprinkles to all of the perfectly shaped cookie dough on the many cookie sheets lining the kitchen counter.  Or helping my grandmother roll out her biscuits for dinner and using the open end of a glass as a makeshift cutter to cut them out. There's something nostalgic about baking that brings me back to those wonderful times spent in the kitchen with family and the happiness that baked goods bring to an ordinary day.  

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100 layer cake

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glamour & grace

the perfect palette


united with love

When I have the free time I love to hunt for pieces to add to my vintage glassware collection and really any and all things retro! 

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You guessed it, the majority of my time is spent slaving away in the kitchen

When I'm not in the kitchen I moonlight as a taxi service for my kids.

I'm always conjuring up a crazy house project and my husband REALLY loves it.

What's that?




Wannabe Interior Designer


Not only was the cake perfectly designed but it tasted amazing too!


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